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Chaozhou Meitao Ceramics CO.,LTD.

     Our factory is located in Chaozhou Fengxi Area which called Chinese Ceramics Capital .We are a private enterprise who stand in the first line and professionally develop,design ,produce and sell the sanitary wares. At present our factory has become a definite production scale through 15 years’ unremitting effort and innovation . And now have one advanced automatic control gas tunnel kiln and possess the powerful technical force . We always follow the enterprise tenet of “Quality First ,Customers Supreme” which make us trusted  and supported by all the friends at home and abroad.Our factory has gained the title of “The Unit trusted in Quality and Technology”, “The Unit of honouring contract and keeping credit” and “ Civilized Sellers”and so on.
    Meitao People recognize the new idea of developing modern enterprise .We pay more attention to fetch into technical personnels and get victory by superior quality ,making the advanced technique and scientific management mode band together with the concrete situation .All these make our facrory has developed more firm and consummated. 
    “Sail against the current,Not to advance is to go back”Meitao peopls will go  all out in work,keeping improving to create the current brand  which fit in with the times and redound upon all the circles. We will run true to form and genuinely co-operate with friends from all over the world  hand in hand ,side by side to mutually create our splendid future .


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